This is how Anette-Marie looks when she party!

On saturday I was out at town. It’s been a while, so I took pictures for you guys. This is how I look when I party. I’m a lot like other people out.. very happy! This night I was out with a good friend of mine, Lasse . He just moved from Trondheim to Oslo. We are same age, and grew up in the same school. I where eating with Lasse, and six other boys from the army. Well… alone with seven boys.. I cant complain. And I didn’t complain either! This is Anette when she’s starting to be fun..! And the boys when they… (?) This is extreme happy Anette. It’s soon too much! Here is «pose and be cool» Anette. She is ready to call the night, but she still dances for some more hours before it hits her. This is the result of a boyfriend that says: – I do not fall asleep. I can take the pizza. Then he falls asleep on the couch. Meanwhile, I fall asleep on a towel as a pillow on the kitchen floor! I wake up almost two hours later… I felt very sad as I had been looking forward to eat this pizza. As you can see, I have nevertheless tried to eat it. It was a little hard…  Worst of all is that I did not realize that my boyfriend slept here, and jumped up when I saw him on the couch. I thought he went home! Well.. good that I got to dance out on town ..!

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